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Storytelling Cafe

Storytelling Cafés have been our main spaces for performance storytelling, presenting the best national and international storytellers as well as providing a platform for local and emerging tellers.  Storytelling has always been a sociable occasion so, whatever the venue, we create a friendly inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy the stories and share that with the people around you.  Refreshments are always available and sometime glass of wine or even a meal. 

Each Storytelling Cafe is different but they all offer great storytelling and a great night out.  

Redditch Storytelling Cafe is our current development venue, while Birmingham and Matlock have been passed on to the capable hands of storytellers who have worked with us in the past.

Birmingham Storytelling Cafe

Matlock Storytelling Cafe

Other venues no longer running, but have hosted some great evenings in the past: 


Wednesbury - closed due to funding cuts


Click here for photos and videos from some past events