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Sun 13th Jan 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Prince of Wales Pub, Alcester Rd, Moseley B13 8EE

Scandi Music Session

Category: Music

Following a great initial session in October, this is another chance to meet up and play a few Swedish and other Scandinavian tunes.  Here's a summary of the October session:

Six tunes had been circulated in advance and all were played (2 of them twice):   Polska efter Båtsman Däck   Eklunda Polska #3   Schottis fran Havero    Boda Vals, or Anna's Waltz   Äppelbo Gånglåt    Var det Du, or Ølland

Throughout the afternoon these were played:       Sangshyttevalsen        Farmors Brudpolska (played by Pam and Glen in D a fifth down from these dots)    Julpolskan    Polska efter Bruun              Polska efter J C Blomgren    Gatans Parlament…/brudemarsj-fra-melhus    Brudemarsj fra Melhus…/bakmes+av+%C3%A5ker+erland+jonsson-polska    Bakmes av Aker Erland Jonsson   Slangpolska efter Byss-Kalle nr 32  Schottis fran Idre    Stensele Polska  Gardebylaten    Imeland och Grimeland             Slangpolska fran Narke (Varmlandsk slangpolska)

One very accessible source is from Andy Hornby's Lancaster sessions
Angstunden is on p7
Roros Pols is on p15

The North Atlantic Tune List website is another source:    Flickorna Svenson           Ganglat Efter Skommar Far                        A Jenta A Ja…/   Ostindiens Velkomet

Five Sheep Four Goats was played by Anna and Malvina in F - the Danish String Quartet play it at

Josefins Dopvals was also played but the the music for that will probably be copyrighted.