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Traditional Song Workshops

To encourage and support people interested in traditional songs and traditional singing, we run occasional full day workshops with top-class tutors.  The most recent was on Sunday 2 November with Sandra Kerr.

We also run song workshops during the Moseley Folk Festival each year.  For example, in 2012 there was a workshop on English ballad singing and harmony, led by multiple BBC Folk Award winning artist Jackie Oates.  This was a chance to learn beautiful English folk songs in two and three part harmony with some advice on style and technique.  

At the 2013 festival, David Campbell invited singers to bring along "a song you sing, or would like to sing, unaccompanied" for advice and discussion.  And in 2014 Dan Whitehouse led a songwriting workshop.

The feedback from our workshops has been really positive.  Here's a typical comment: 

"The workshops run by Sandra, Lauren and Sam were excellent.  They each combined great skill and knowledge of the music with a warm, inviting approach.  People sang and shared ‘folk’ memories who probably hadn't done for many years.  I really enjoyed the extra attention this gave to folk music in Birmingham this year."

For more comments and an idea of what has taken place at our past workshops, go to one of the following: 
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 Lauren McCormick (song) | Sandra Kerr (2009)