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YSOY 2012 - sponsors

Interested in sponsoring the Young Storyteller of the Year? 
Email Fiona or phone her on 01490 430551 or 07941 918159 - she is always open to new offers, and she likes being able to offer a LOT of prizes! 

Click here for other ways of supporting young storytellers 

Individuals and story clubs who are contributing to YSOY12:

Del and Pippa Reid (Society for Storytelling) and Rachel Rose Reid
Surrey Storytellers Guild
Janet Dowling
Red Phoenix Storytelling and Productions
Rhymes and Tells at the Six Bells
StoryNight at Torriano
Story Forge, Sheffield
Matlock Storytelling Cafe
Tales at the Water Mill, Leicestershire
Amy Douglas
Adverse Camber

Patrons: Hugh Lupton and Jan Blake