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ACR comes to Birmingham

Tickets are no longer available online - there will be tickets on the door but NO CARDS PLEASE - have your cash or cheques ready.

A host of big names in Folk Music get together in Birmingham for a concert of political song at this crucial time before the election.  They have been writing and singing songs for over 50 years.  These are the great names in the British folk tradition who want to shout out their songs, songs to make us want to stand up on our feet and shout out about injustice, corruption and government failure.

The whole Anti-Capitalist Roadshow team will be here for one night only.  A night to ring the rafters, a night to shake the world, a night to hit back at all the toadies, bankers and backsliders who are dealing out devastation to working people everywhere.

Map of the venue - there's a large car park just behind the Centre

Information about pre-show meals at the Irish Centre

Information about places to stay in Birmingham

The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow is a collective of singers and songwriters, plus one socialist magician, opposed to the ideologically-driven austerity programme imposed by this millionaire government on all but the elite and in particular on the poor, the vulnerable and the disabled. They are part of the resistance to a capitalism that works only on behalf of the wealthy, that aims to shrink the public sphere and privatise public services, including the NHS, and is destructive to the planet. They are part of another way of looking at the world.   Photos of a recent gig in Camden, taken by N5 Snapper.

Sandra Kerr Sandra Kerr has had a long and distinguished career in folk music since her days with Ewan MacColl’s Critics Group.  She is a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, dulcimer, autoharp and the English concertina, and "besides being a versatile musician with a beautifully expressive voice, she is an exceptionally good songwriter."(FRoots)

Roy BaileyFor 50+ years, Roy Bailey has been one of the UK Folk & Acoustic scene’s most loved and admired performers.  From his early days performing skiffle in student union bars, to his love of traditional songs and the stories they tell, onto developing a unique repertoire of songs of dissent and hope, he has performed on stages, TV and radio all over the world.

Robb Johnson Robb Johnson is widely recognised as one of the UK’s finest songwriters.  “An English original”, (Robin Denselow, the Guardian) ... “the real deal ,” (Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2).  His songs are covered by many singers, from folk legend Roy Bailey to cabaret diva Barb Jungr.  His album Gentle Men was a Daily Telegraph “Folk Album of the Year.”

Leon Rosselson Leon Rosselson has been at the forefront of songwriting in Britain for more than 50 years.  His songs range from the lyrical to the satirical, from the personal to the political, from the humorous to the poignant -  including The World Turned Upside Down (which has become an anthem for protest movements) - no other British songwriter has written so many finely crafted songs over so many years covering such diverse subjects and using such a variety of forms.

Ian Saville For over 30 years, Ian Saville has been presenting Marxist Magic and ventriloquism.  Whereas David Copperfield is content with little tricks like making the Statue of Liberty disappear, Ian Saville has a  more ambitious goal of making International Capitalism and exploitation disappear.  True, he hasn't quite succeeded, but he keeps on trying.  This is a funny, magical, thought-provoking and topical celebration of Socialism.

Grace Petrie Grace Petrie is a songwriter, activist and performer.  She first exploded on to the national protest scene in 2010 with the emotive anthem Farewell to Welfare, which captured perfectly the spirit of the new wave of dissent in austerity Britain.  Since then she has quietly become one of the most prolific and respected songwriters working in the UK today.

Frankie ArmstrongHaving been involved with folk and political songs since the 1950s, Frankie Armstrong has always been fascinated by the way that voice can enhance an individual’s sense of well being and can also develop a sense of community between people, linking us to the thread of song that comes down to us from our ancestors.

Boff Whalley Ex Chumbawamba Boff Whalley is motivated by society, politics, culture and history.  He makes work that tries to reflect what’s going on around him, around us all.  He believes not only that ‘art is a mirror’ (Shakespeare) but that art is ‘a hammer with which to smash that mirror’ (Brecht).  He wants to make art that reflects the changes – good and bad – in the world around him.   

Janet RussellJanet Russell first made a name for herself on the folk circuit in the ‘80’s as a young singer songwriter writing with hard-edged humour about issues affecting women.  Her “Secretary’s Song” was the most requested song on “Folk on 2” in 1987/8, and “Breastfeeding Baby in the Park” has been taken up by the pro-breastfeeding lobby internationally.  

Jim WoodlandJim Woodland is a songwriter and performer.  He has done street theatre and cabaret, written plays and shows for theatre companies and sketches for comedians.  "I’ve written every song that's been asked of me and I’ve been rewarded."

Reem KelaniReem Kelani is a Palestinian singer, musician and musicologist who was born in England, brought up in Kuwait and now lives in London. Working in the Diaspora, Reem has introduced countless non-Arab musicians to Arabic and Palestinian music, as has she pioneered the introduction of Arabic song in schools across the UK.
Sadly Reem is not able to join us on 24 April for family reasons