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Brian Peters Song Workshop, May 2011

Brian PetersFolk songs have fine melodies and tell great stories.  In this workshop Brian Peters explored making the most of both: how to make the songs we sing musically satisfying, from basics like picking the right key to subtler techniques such as ornamentation.  And to think about performing songs in such a way that the story comes through loud and clear, particularly in phrasing and expression.  He discussed the special demands of traditional ballads, demonstrated the basics of accompaniment, and brought along some of his favourite recordings, to see how some great singers went about it. 

Here is some feedback from the day:
'Brian Peters is such an enjoyable workshop leader! He talks as well as he sings'
'Enjoyable and informative. I had a lovely day. Thank you!'
'A very enjoyable day. I learned a lot and have food for thought in my singing.'
'Very useful. Right sized group. Well constructed programme.'
'Interesting and informative!'
'Interesting to learn more about versions and pitch, useful to listen to different singers.'
'Really interesting workshop, nice atmosphere and people.'
'Lots of valuable information.'
'Really enjoyed it as it was:
  • Different to other workshops.
  • I like to listen to Brian
  • I liked the approach he took going 'deeper' into songs'