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Song workshop, June 09, with Lauren McCormick

This workshop in repertoire development looked at the many and various weird, wonderful, adventurous, beautiful and downright dirty songs that the English tradition has to offer!  We learned lots of material, from rounds and ditties to lyrical love songs and ballads.  Lauren also gave tips on where to look for and how to seek out plenty more songs from the wealth of material we have in the British Isles.  Here's some of the feedback:
  • This was great!  A wide variety of songs, plenty of challenges but felt really comfortable.  Loads of repeats (I may even remember the stuff later).  Phrasing, sliding, dabbing.  Wonderful stuff.
  • Enjoyable, well organised, good venue!  Interesting talks about folk songs, good materials and some new approaches to interpreting song!  I find the concentration on the English tradition gives it focus though I also enjoy other stuff.
  • A lovely day.  Lauren is very talented and taught us a lot in the time we had.  Loads of tips/hints about how to sing but also where to get more information and songs to build repertoire.  This was a much needed day.  Thanks.
  • It was a really worthwhile day – good mix of songs and the way you taught different techniques for the various songs made each one a tool for learning so much.  I would do it again.  Thanks.
  • Excellent session.  Lauren is an able and gentle teacher.  Really enjoyed the selection of music and the use of rounds to warm up.  Also enjoyed the discussion element which helped me view the performance of songs, and my interpretation in order to do so, in a much more liberating and confidence boosting way.  Thanks to all who made it possible.
  • A really interesting day.  The session brought home to me that it’s OK to adapt songs to suit your voice and style – you don’t have to sing in a particular way.  I found it very ‘freeing’ and look forward to building my repertoire now.  Anything is possible!
  • Loved it.  It was a treat to sing, to be led in song and to have inklings about growing repertoire affirmed by Lauren's experience.