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Moseley Folk Festival 2011 - workshops

Marquee Saturday Kids dance | Bones | Rapper 
Marquee SundayWhistle | Ceilidh dance | Tabla 
Moseley Village (Bulls Head):  Bluegrass | Music | Song | 


1-1:45 - Kids Ceilidh, with Barry Jones
An opportunity for all the kids to find out how much fun their parents will be having on Sunday at the ceilidh dance.  Barry Jones has co-ordinated and called the Bromsgrove First Schools Country Dance festival for the past 25 years, called for Barn Dances all over the Midlands and "guested" at many of the Folk dance clubs in our region.  His style is relaxed and he will teach/call whatever dances will suit the group he's blessed with.  The mixture will contain longways, squares and circle dances and the emphasis will be on "Dancing for Fun".  Music will be provided by Moseley's own Paul Lindley.

2-3 - Bones workshop with Louisa Davies-Foley 
Louisa is the daughter of the late Len Davies, an amazing bones player who played from the age of 5 until he died, delighting folk festival audiences up and down the country. The bones are an ancient percussion instrument, similar to spoons. There are bones from Egypt in the British Museum dated 2000 BC. Louisa learnt to play from her father and is now keen to keep up this family tradition. This is a great workshop that anyone can try - whether you have prior experience of the bones or not! She will be teaching how to hold the bones, playing single beats and ornamentation, and playing to music. A limited number of sets of bones will be available for participants to use, but please bring your own if you have them.

photo Adrian Burrows

5:30-6:30 - Rapper Dancing, with One Day Rapper
Come and experience English traditional rapper sword dancing from the mining villages of the North-East of England.  This workshop will focus on the traditional dance Winlaton.  

Rapper is fast, exhilarating and fun, although it can become quite complex, Winlaton is a fairly easy dance allowing the opportunity for everyone to get involved.  Bring your enthusiasm and some hard or smooth soled shoes if possible.  One Day Rapper will be your tutors.



1-2 - Penny whistle for beginners, with Belinda Hutchings

Whistle a Happy Tune!  Learn basic fingering and a tune (or 2) by ear on a penny whistle, the most portable of musical instruments! Whistles provided. Minimum age 9

Belinda Hutchings plays for ceilidh dancing and at Irish sessions in Birmingham.  She teaches whistle at the Irish Centre in Birmingham. 


2-3 - Dancing, with Cut A Shine
Preserving, promoting, reinterpreting, and propagating traditional folk music and dance, Cut a Shine is a troupe of very talented and passionate musicians, dancers and singers. They make folk dancing accessible and enjoyable for people who may never have experienced it before, and for many who have too. Encompassing all genres of UK, Irish and American dance, while individually being faithful to each form, they perform at all manner of dances, from local community halls to large festivals, and of course the old barn too.  Suitable for anyone who wants to have a good time!

5:30-6:30 - A Journey on Tabla, with Pritam Singh

A demonstration of the fundamentals of rhythm and understanding the complexities of tabla compositions. An insight to tabla schools and varied playing techniques.

Particularly interesting for musicians, counting and playing cross rhythms 3/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8 & 9/8.  A fascinating concept to understand rhythmic patterns and improvisation.  A rare opportunity to ask questions during the "question & answer" session.

Concluding with a short performance.


12:00-1:30pm - Toy Hearts Bluegrass Music Workshop

The Toy Hearts will uncover the rich history of bluegrass music and its traditions, through exploration of the genre's founders and subsequent pioneers.  Providing interactive examples, the band will investigate how each instrument lends itself to the contribution of bluegrass music's distinctive rhythm/drive, whilst also identifying the wide array of musical influences, including country, swing, jazz and the blues, all of which helped shape formation of the genre in the late 1940s. 

There will be ample opportunity for questions, demonstrations and examples of specifics, whilst exploring ways in which you can learn, jam and get involved with the wonderful world of Bluegrass Music.  Attendees and enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to bring along their musical instruments, all ages welcome!    


1:00-2:30 - New Tunes from Scotland and Europe on fiddle and nyckelharpa with Ruth Morris and Gavin Marwick           (photo by Pauline Keightley)

Come and learn some new tunes from the melodic frontline of Bellevue Rendezvous.  Gavin and Ruth have a wealth of travelling musical experience having played professionally and enthusiastically across Europe and other parts of the world, both individually and with groups including Bellevue Rendezvous, The Unusual Suspects, Iron Horse, McFall’s Chamber and Ceilidh Minogue.  Many tunes have been learnt and inspiration has been had at concert halls, firesides, backstage areas, laybys and festivals from Ashkabad to Vancouver.  Both musicians are experienced workshop tutors and Ruth runs community music and dance projects at home in Galloway.  Gavin is a prolific composer, session player and theatre musician with “a CV that reads like a Who’s Who of Scottish music”.

UPDATE: Three tunes were taught by ear.  The music is now available on a separate web page, or you can listen to it on SoundCloud (thanks to Jenny!)

3:00-4:30 - Song workshop with Sam Lee

This practical workshop will present the rich and varied songs and singing styles native to these islands.

Concentrating on traditional songs from the Gypsy Traveller community, learn about the amazing melodies, modalities and decoration in this untapped tradition.

This workshop is suitable for singers and listeners alike.