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Moseley Folk Festival 2012 - workshops

Marquee Saturday: Kids dance |  Whistle | Rapper dance 
Marquee Sunday: Bones | Ceilidh dance | Pan Pipes  
Tennis Hut Sunday: Song Workshop with Jackie Oates 
Tennis Hut Saturday and Sunday: Tales and Ales


1-2pm - Kids Ceilidh, with Barry Jones

An opportunity for all the kids to find out how much fun their parents will be having on Sunday at the ceilidh dance.  Barry Jones has co-ordinated and called the Bromsgrove First Schools Country Dance festival for the past 25 years, called for Barn Dances all over the Midlands and "guested" at many of the Folk dance clubs in our region.  His style is relaxed and he will teach/call whatever dances will suit the group he's blessed with.  The mixture will contain longways, squares and circle dances and the emphasis will be on "Dancing for Fun".  Music will be provided by Moseley's own Paul Lindley.

2-3pm - Penny whistle for beginners, with Belinda Hutchings

Whistle a Happy Tune!  Learn basic fingering and a tune (or two) by ear on a penny whistle, the most portable of musical instruments!  Whistles provided. Minimum age 9

Belinda Hutchings plays for ceilidh dancing and at Irish sessions in Birmingham.  She teaches whistle at the Irish Centre in Birmingham. 

5:30-6:30pm - Rapper Dancing, with Ryknild Rabble

The rapper dance is a fast traditional English dance from the mining villages of the North-East and involves five people connected by short, two-handled, flexible swords (called rappers) forming a chain. Without breaking this chain the dancers weave in and out of one another twisting the swords to form locks and breastplates, sometimes jumping or even somersaulting over the swords. This is an opportunity to learn the Beadnall Dance, originally performed by five fishermen in the small village of Beadnall on Christmas Day each year. The dance will be displayed beforehand around the festival site and in Moseley alehouses, along with one or two dances unique to Ryknild Rabble. This workshop is suitable for anyone.


1-2pm - Bones workshop with Louisa Davies-Foley 
Louisa is the daughter of the late Len Davies, an amazing bones player who played from the age of 5 until he died, delighting folk festival audiences up and down the country. The bones are an ancient percussion instrument, similar to spoons. There are bones from Egypt in the British Museum dated 2000 BC. Louisa learnt to play from her father and is now keen to keep up this family tradition. This is a great workshop that anyone can try - whether you have prior experience of the bones or not! She will be teaching how to hold the bones, playing single beats and ornamentation, and playing to music. A limited number of sets of bones will be available for participants to use, but please bring your own if you have them.

photo Adrian Burrows

2-3pm - Dancing, with The Long Notes

Almost five years together, The Long Notes uniquely represent Ireland, England and Scotland – not only in their music, but also in their heritage.  The line-up includes Scottish fiddler Jamie Smith, Irish-born accordionist Colette O’Leary, London-Irish banjo/mandolin virtuoso Brian Kelly and Dorset-based guitarist Alex Percy.  

Jamie and Alex will be teaching a few dances in this workshop in preparation for the public ceilidh later on.  So come along, find a partner, and get into the spirit of the dance!

5:30 to 6:30pm 
Flutes of the South American Andes, with Carlos Munoz
The panpipes are a traditional instrument of the folk tradition in the Andean mountains of South America and related to cultures such as the Incas.  They are a regular feature in the music of countries such as Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina.  The workshop will allow participants to learn and play the beautiful sounds of the traditional panpipes and kena flutes.  Instruments will be provided - minimum age 9.

Carlos Muñoz is a musician from Chile.  For 25 years he was the music director of the South American group ‘Caliche’, one of the leading ensembles in this music genre in the UK, both as performers and as music trainers.


1:15-2:30pm - Song Workshop with Jackie Oates

English ballad singing and harmony workshop led by multiple BBC Folk Award winning artist Jackie Oates.  A chance to learn beautiful English folk songs in two and three part harmony with some advice on style and technique.

Photo: Bryan Ledgard   


Tales and Ales, with Storytellers Studio

Traditional stories have a life and a magic of their own.  Relax in the company of Graham Langley and Storytellers Studio for a special festival Tales and Ales.  Bring a drink along if you wish for a different sort of relaxed listening.  If you have a story to tell yourself then there will be plenty of floor spot opportunities -- or just sit back and chill out.