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Political Songster

Click here for the new Song Depot – 
a list of NEW SONGS published from January 2021 onwards

When we sing together we are united in one voice.  It gives us strength, confidence and new ideas.  The old songs keep us connected to our history, a history that remains hidden or ignored.  But we need new songs as well, about the issues, struggles and triumphs of today.

The Political Songster has been an occasional book of songs with music and links to performances, gathered from contributors to Sing Political and sold at its monthly sessions.  During the Covid crisis there has been a massive outpouring of new songs - we responded by putting out new issues every month as online publications, also uploaded all previous issues and an online index to all the songs.

This January we have developed a NEW FORMAT for the Political Songster.  Instead of separate issues we will upload your songs to a new Political Song Depot - currently there are ten songs there from the last couple of sessions.

If possible include music notation and/or a link to a web soundfile or video, plus a short statement to put the song in context - by email to Graham Langley

Here are links to online versions of the previous issues
1. March 2014 
2. January 2015 
3. April 2015 
4. April 2016 
5. Dec 2016 
6. Nov 2017 
7. Nov 2019
8.  Bumper issue for April, May, June and July with many songs relating to lockdown
9. October 2020
10. The new Political Song Depot - links to songs published from January 2021 onwards