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Robb Johnson workshop, Dec 2015

A songwriting workshop, led by Robb Johnson, was held at the Dark Horse in Moseley on 6 December 2015 - it attracted twelve people with varying experience of songwriting.

Robb started by going through his "top ten" songs of social significance, singing them himself to illustrate what makes a good song and pointing out what made each of them important to him.  He then invited participants to contribute their own favourites, giving an extremely varied list.

The next stage was to contribute ideas for a song about current issues, after which the group split up into pairs.  Each pair was given a couple of ideas and then worked collaboratively on writing a song.  At the end of the day the songs were presented as performances, and it's hoped they will contribute to a future edition of the Political Songster.

Here's feedback from some of those present:

  • An inspiring, interesting day.  Robb is a great workshop leader and the group produced a variety of amazing songs!
  • Excellent songwriting workshop.  Very well structured and always inclusive!
  • Unlocked the creative bit buried inside us - deeper in some of us than others.  Really great way to spend a Sunday.
  • Excellent, thought provoking and encouraging
  • A wonderful day.  Robb Johnson is my favourite singer/songwriter
  • Lovely way to spend Sunday.  Good company and nervousness faded quickly
  • Great day, good to work together and share ideas and songs.  Organise another one in 2016!
  • Very entertaining.  Thanks, it was great