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Strictly Storytelling Rules

Here are the rules and guidelines that govern Strictly Storytelling.

* The event is a competition between ten storytellers each fighting desperately to gain the upper hand over the others. No punching, kicking or gouging but practically anything else is allowed including bribery

* There might be extra points if you wear an evening gown, otherwise no costumes or props

* There will be a £50 prize for the winner

* Maximum length of the story is 10 minutes. After that you will be hissed and booed off stage and a point deducted for every minute or part of a minute that you over-run. 

* The story should be of traditional origins

* Entry is by emailing the Traditional Arts Team at, and participants will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

*There will be a charge of £5 per entry

* Performances are rated on both content and performance by the audience who will vote without pride or prejudice or just for a laugh.

* In the event of a tie, up to two storytellers will be called back on stage to participate in a humiliating final selection known as the Magic Porridge Pot in order to gain the £50 prize money. To find the prize they will be set three tasks involving mysterious princesses in far off countries.

Other rules will be made up by the MC on the spot