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YSOY 2009 - Swedish Perspective

Wiqtor �dahl

What a nice weekend I’ve spent with my storytelling-friends in Birmingham!

To rejuvenate the storytelling part of the population (way too few) in Sweden a project named “Young Storyteller Stage” has been running for two years in chosen cities all over Sweden. I am one of the youngsters to meet young British storytellers. After hours of flying from Stockholm, the storyteller Graham Langley met us Swedes on the airport in Birmingham and welcomed us.

The following day the “Young Storyteller of the Year” competition was held at the Library Theatre. I was amazed how good storytellers all of the competitors were. After teabreak I had the honour to tell a story about a big grizzly bear who fell in love with a gardener. It was so fun to go up on stage and the English audience seemed to appreciate the story.

The following day we had a great workshop with the teachers Love, Cath and Peter. On the last day of our visit we went out to two schools in the city to tell our stories! Later the same day Graham drove us up to the hills and it was such a thrill for me to see the English countryside. It’s been a lovely weekend with loads of good stories, great food and laughs. Click here for photos from the workshop and school visits.

Wiqtor Ådahl, a 17 year old Swedish storyteller