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Music Workshop with Alistair Anderson, May 2012

Alistair’s passionate belief that traditional music has an important place in contemporary society has led him to find ways to excite a new generation of young musicians and draw them into playing, singing, dancing and making the tradition their own.

Alistair helped us to make our music “dance”, using both traditional dance tunes and some of his own music with interweaving parts.

Here's some of the feedback:
  • Excellent workshop. Pointed us in the right direction to make our playing much more lively and enjoyable, and hopefully more enjoyable for the audience to listen to! Very good venue.
  • Really instructive, especially for second and third parts.
  • Excellent! How about a Steel Skies workshop?
  • Really good workshop! Plenty of challenge.
  • Interesting and stimulating - great fun. Organisation - brilliant. Thanks to Pam and Graham.
  • Great! Very enjoyable and illuminating (nice food too!)
  • Another great and very inspirational day. Always useful to break tunes down and look at them from a different viewpoint.
  • Really enjoyed the day, particularly the focus on small phrases so the music comes alive. A wonderful day's playing.
  • Well done. Alistair was great at splitting the tune down so all could play. Picked up some great rhythms. Good venue.
  • Excellent workshop - lots to think about even on the 'simple' tunes. Good venue too.
  • Super day. Very good!
  • Great workshop. The largest folk group I've played with and Alistair Anderson wove his magic - well done!