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Village Band day workshops

Thanks to our Awards for All grant we are able to offer occasional music workshops. A creative way to spend a day, and a good way to find out the inspiration behind the Moseley Village Band. The workshops provide an opportunity for musicians from a wide range of backgrounds to make music together and explore the style and repertoire of the English village music tradition. All musicians are welcome - bring your instrument and have a good time!

Brian McNeillWorkshop with Brian McNeill, April 08

Brian McNeill is one of today's great forces in Scotland's music, and an exciting workshop leader. He plays fiddle, viola, mandolin, cittern, bouzouki, guitar, concertina, bass and hurdy-gurdy, and the importance of his songwriting mostly about Scotland's past and future has long been recognised. He formed the Battlefield Band in 1969 which has since become one of Scotland’s best known folk groups. He is currently Head of Scottish Music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, and as a musician works both as a solo artist and with others.

In this workshop Brian explored ways of making music together and bringing it all to life - here are a few photos.

Special treat the night before: Brian McNeill in concert

Earlier Village Band workshops:

Tim LaycockJanuary 08 with Tim Laycock
Tim brought us some recently discovered dance tunes and marches, as well as considering approaches to song accompaniment for seasonal celebrations with a village band line-up. Here's some of the feedback:
"A great day out – with a fantastic range of instruments and friendly crowd"
"Lovely day meeting lots of new tunes presented in a friendly, human manner"
"Excellent workshop; surprised to find I could cope with it!"
"Lots of variety presented in an interesting way - lots to take away"

April 07 with Dave Townsend
At Dave's workshop we got together to play traditional music
in the style of the old English village bands,
with arrangements based on those played by country musicians of Thomas Hardy’s time.

February 07 with Tim Hill
Tim looked at Recreating the Village Band. The emphasis was on creating a strong rhythmic sound, on performing out of doors, and on group playing and improvising. We had a great time!

Chris WoodNovember 06 with Chris Wood
“The one thing all the great musicians and singers have in common is that they are all completely and utterly individual. When we play together we share our stories – combine our individualities. There is a place in folk/indigenous music for us all, the quick and the slow, all are catered for and embraced by the tradition.”

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