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Wed 18th Sep 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Kitchen Garden Cafe, York Road, Kings Heath, B14 7SA

Birmingham Storytelling Cafe

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Belgian storyteller Tom lives in the moment.  Always present and awake, he instantly and enthusiastically sees things and people for what they are and he can’t help but shout out his truth and his thoughts like a happy jester.  The world is a grand stage filled with Life! 

A baker’s servant is looking for a job, on his way from one village to another he hears strange sounds in the forest.  A princess is taken by robbers.  Helping her could be his death… or a ticket to the King's Seat!

A hunchback breaks the curse of a princess, as soon as the king sees who will become his son-in-law he gives ‘the winner’ an impossible mission to get her hand.

Tom wears his feelings, his intentions and his flying colours proudly on his sleeve and has a keen eye for the beauty of the moment.  The moment will be tonight at Storytelling Cafe so come along and join us for a great night out of storytelling.

Tickets £7 from the venue (0121 443 4725) or

Doors open and food served from 6:30. Performances begin 7:30.

Entrance via Fletchers Bar

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