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Wed 17th Feb 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Online only

Storytelling Cafe in Lockdown

Category: Storytelling

Tales of the Loves

Love – romantic love, friendship, family love and compassionate love.  Love for others, the environment, and self-compassionate love.

Join us at Storytelling Cafe for a Valentine's Day special, as we celebrate love in all its forms.  Love that binds partners together; love that turns a group of friends into a family; love that makes a family cling to each other when the everything else is falling down; love that seeks the best for others, without thought of reward.  Love that makes a person carry on despite all obstacles, because they believe in themselves; love that allows people to defy power, in order to care for our Earth.

Join us as we celebrate connection, and all those people in our lives that make our world just that little bit brighter.

We're trying 'Donation' tickets this month - a booking will require at least £1.  The address for tickets is

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