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Hidden Hexham workshop, Feb 2014

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What did we think of the event?
  • Exceptional opportunity to join in live music arranging and play with many other musicians.  Alistair’s leadership is superb, sharing his music and experience with warmth, encouragement, commitment and great skill.  A privilege to take part.
  • Inspiring weekend - music flowed from Alistair to us like water down the Cockshaw Burn
  • An excellent, thoroughly enjoyable weekend.  A very inclusive event, even for a non-music reader!  Alistair has been very inspiring!  Great to play with so many skilled musicians.  More please!
  • Fantastic.  Loved the music and experience of playing with different instruments.  Very well organised and inspirational.  THANK YOU!
  • Brilliant – Alistair Anderson had the knack of getting us to play better than we though we would with minimum pain!
  • Enjoyable weekend.  Good to play with others and to see how the music fits together.  Well led.
  • Alistair’s energy, stamina and patience are astonishing.  His music is mesmerising.
  • Great to play with such a range of musicians – a super sound.  Thanks everyone
  • Fantastic tunes – brilliant tuition
  • I had a very interesting, challenging and satisfying weekend!!
  • Lovely weekend.  Very well organised – lots of information beforehand and music.  Lovely ceilidh to complete the weekend.  Thankyou.
  • Thanks to Pam and the team for hosting the “Hexham Suite” event.  We’ve enjoyed working with Alistair once again matching previous occasions with “Steel Skies.”  A great venue and a wonderful two days of instructive music.  Thank you again.
  • Fantastic two day workshop – getting the dots, plus MP3s well in advance made ALL the difference
  • Exceeded my expectations.  Thank you
  • I absolutely loved it.  The inspirational leadership tunesmith of Alistair, the friendship - and just been practising the tunes!