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New England Dance Music Workshop

For over 200 years, the "community contradance" has been a feature in towns throughout New England.  What kind of music do they use?  Where does it come from?  How can we play it today?  At a workshop in November 2015 Bruce Randall of Massachusetts led us through a number of the traditional standard tunes, learning about the style and their usage for dancing.

Here's some of the feedback:
  • Many thanks for organising the New England dance music workshop last Sunday.  I had a good day and saw a few old friends too. I thought the teaching was good and about the right level for me.  If I was being really picky, I could say that it would have been nice to have a coffee on arrival, and a bit more light in the room. But these are only minor points. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would definitely come again, if you are running any more like this
  • Workshop - brilliant, stimulating tuition with lighthearted approach.
  • A great day - thank you to Bruce and Pam
  • Excellent throughout.  He might have been harder with us!  But the vibe was very positive.
  • Great fun!  Really enjoyed it.
  • Fun to romp through many tunes with range of instruments
  • Thank you for the wonderful workshop with Bruce.  Enjoyed playing the easier ones and hope to learn some of the others (those with "too many notes"!)
  • Lovely tutoring - gentle and humorous.  Great tunes and useful tips!  Venue bit dark and chilly, but didn't affect my enjoyment.
  • An enjoyable day playing tunes.  I would have liked to work on a few of them a little more, practising ideas for arrangements.
  • Excellent day!  Great to be part of a wonderful sound.  I liked the dividing of tunes into band parts, ie strings playing, then free reeds etc.  More sessions like this please! 
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Thank you!  Bruce was so encouraging.  But I did "flag" for the last hour - maybe 11-4 would have been enough?
  • Good range of unfamiliar tunes.  Lots of ideas for treatments/endings/orchestration.  Lots of interesting background info.  Just lovely.