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April 2020 news - 25th Mar

Trad Arts Team news April 2020

Due to coronavirus and the need for social distancing, all our events are cancelled till further notice.  We regret this and will miss you all - keep safe!

What we can do is to continue to share from that great pool of traditional performance that is out there.  We can stay connected to the tradition and to each other until we can once again come together with the music and stories that we love.  

We hope you enjoy this selection.  Why not pass it on to friends and family to give them a taste of our traditions?  And please let us have any suggestions for future newsletters.

In Boccaccio's 14th century story collection, ‘the Decameron’, a group of friends hunkered down in a villa to wait out the plague, and passed the time by telling stories.  Daisy Black has co-ordinated a modern Decameron of tales. Storytellers old and new from across the world have united to share their tales over a period of ten days, from 27 March to 7 April.  Details at 

Here's a lovely telling of an Irish story for you to enjoy 

The song "Roses of Eyam" tells of the sacrifice made by village people in Derbyshire at the time of the Black Death 

To amuse you, a song from the Longest Johns: Flatten the Curve 

Great session of English music here:

There's a selection of Swedish music to listen to at

And an example of French music and dance at 

Karen Tweed is leading some slow sessions that you can join in with on her Facebook page

Finally, some toe-tapping music to dance to around the house: 

The Trad Arts Team runs activities in the Midlands relating to traditional song, music, storytelling and dance 
More info at, on Facebook, or @tradartsteam on Twitter