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Online sessions in April 2020
NEW!! ONLINE SESSIONS from the Trad Arts Team, April 2020

Things have moved on since our email at the beginning of April, and online songs, stories and music have sprung up all over the place, mostly using Zoom videoconferencing.  Here are three events which you might like to take part in, in the comfort of your own home - bring your own drinks!

WEDNESDAY 15 APRIL 9:00 - 10:00 (Storytelling)

Storytelling Cafe on Wednesday should have featured Katy Cawkwell with her stunning performance of Tristan and Iseult.  We are happy to tell you that Katy will be presenting a special performance of stories on that night (starting at 9:00pm) organised by Birmingham InterNations.  They will be raising money for the most hard pressed group of people in the country at the moment - Meals for the NHS.  They are doing it as £5 donations to charity for "tickets" - however they're very happy for people to listen without donating (or to donate more if they wish!).  So get your ticket from Eventbrite, pour a glass of wine and sit back to enjoy an hour of stories from our Storytelling cafe guest, Katy Cawkwell.  

SUNDAY 19 APRIL 7:30pm (Tune and song sessions)

Our traditional music session was due to take place at the Prince of Wales in Moseley on this day.  It just so happens that the Oxford Folk Weekend features several online sessions finishing up with one that evening.  When sessioning in Zoom, it's not possible for everyone to play together and hear each other - therefore it will work more like a singaround/folk club, where everyone takes it in turns to lead a song or tune.  There are lots of other things going on at the festival too, but details of the sessions are on the Folk Weekend website

WEDNESDAY 22 APRIL 8:00 - 10:00 (Sing Political) 

Our first attempt at a Zoom Sing Political last Wednesday was a good introduction to the technology, with the usual hiatus that occurs when people don't quite know what they're doing!  However, online sessions have the advantage that people can join from any point on the globe, and we were encouraged by having extra people joining us and contributing lots of new songs.  In fact, there was enthusiasm for an extra Sing Political this month.  We'll be sending out an invite nearer the time - let us know if you want to receive the link.

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