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All issues of the Political Songster are now available online.  Contents are listed below
Nov 2019
 Kick out the Tories For Once and For All / For the Many not the Few
 Cosher Bailey's Climate Song / We Want our Planet Back
 You Cut Us Down / The Chestnut Tree
 Young Girl Upon the Road / We Didn't Start the Fire
 Children of This Land / For the Sake of All Your Children
 Extinction Rebellion / Welcome In
 The Gypsy and the Gaugio / My Precious One
Nothing has Changed / Underneath the Arches / Girls of Dagenham / My Master And I
Living off the Fat of the Land / Trico Equal Pay Song / Mighty Sword of Justice  
The Trial of Bill Burn / Who Cares for the Carers / In Venezuela / David and Goliath
The Cottager's Reply / Shame on the Company / Smash The Rich / God Save the Hungry / Calling Joe Hill

Nov 2017 
The Power of Song, Across the Hills, On Greenham Common, Support the Bin Workers, The Ballad of Annie Moore, I Want Rosa to Stay, Migrant Song, Give Me Hope Malala, You're Welcome Here, This Land, Rise Like Lions, Herbert and Bertha, That was Then - This is Now, If You Want War We’ll Give You War, No such thing as a protest singer, I Feel Like Jeremy Corbyn, The Season Round, Things to Say, The Sueño Express, Which Side Are You On, Three Acres and a Cow, Overthrow Your Chains, Song of the Other Ranks, The Last Tree, They Came In the Morning, Time to Kick the Tories out, The Song Lives On
Dec 2016 
Don Perrygrove tribute, Motor Trade Workers, Enoch dear Enoch, M&B Downer, Brum’s Rotunda, Redeployed, Jolly Tatter, Doggie Pill, Grunwick, The Compañeros, Blame it on Fidel, Comandante Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, Ballad of Jo Cox, Small Boy, Chilcot Chant, Not Quite That’s Right 2015, Get on the side of the Doctors, Furnace End, They sent a woman, The Unknown Soldier, JC for PM for me, Three Cheers for Jeremy Corbyn, Power, Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, Old Man Trump, The Biggest Landlord 
April 2016 
Refugees Are Welcome Here, Tax Dodger, No to the Cuts, Trident Has to Go, Trident,Trident, Hellish Submarine, Come Friend, War is Good for Business, Don’t Want Trident Any More, Join in the Line, If You Want to Find my Family, Bombing Children is the Thing, Frozen in Disneyland, More than Enough, Jolly Well Drunk, It’s Ours, Here’s to you Brickies, We Will Sing One Song, Tommy Brown, Homeless, Take Back the Land, Open Borders
April 2015 
The Ballad of Rivka and Mohammed, The Peasant Workers’ song, Quite Early Morning, Internationale, Sing for the Climate, Here Today, Which side are you on, Bedroom Tax Song, Farewell to Welfare, Working Heart, Asbestos, Miracles, Spitfire Migrants, We Sang ’em Down, When Finchley Castle Falls, Voices - That's All, Rosa’s Lovely Daughters, Can We Afford the Doctor, Big Society, The Fighting Dominie
January 2015 
Hello Friend, As I was a-walking down Brummagem Street, Jute Mill Song, 60 Quid a Week, Bugger the Bankers, We’re All in This Together, I am Changing My Name to Fannie Mae, Entrepreneur, Go To Work on Monday, Streets of our Town, I Wanna Go Home, The Birmingham Rat,The Bankers’ Song, Minimum Wage Strike, The Green Fields of France, Mrs Bellamy
March 2014 
Saltley Gate, Jamie Foyers, Motor Trade Workers,The Ballad of Joe Hill, 
El Salvador, The Rich Man and the Poor Man, Striking Times, My People, Jump You Fuckers, Hard Times of Old England, Ballad of Accounting, Maerdy, The Last Pit in The Rhondda, Wasn’t that a Time, Power in the Union, After the Revolution, We Will Rise