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Young Storyteller of the Year (2005-2014)

YSOY logoAfter 11 years of young storyteller development and a final triumphant event in March 2014 the Traditional Arts Team have passed the YSOY event to the youth-organised National Organisation of Young Storytellers.   For information about their programme of events and youth development see their website Making NOYS or keep in touch with the MakingNOYS Facebook group.

YSOY - what was it all about?
- raising the profile of young storytellers nationally
- providing a platform for young storytellers
- demonstrating a possible career path to young storytellers
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Other ways to support young storytellers

If you are running a young tellers’ project and would like support or advice contact us here.   You can also order a copy of PASS IT ON: A Resource for Teaching Storytelling with Young People, which is a workshop leaders’ manual full of practical ideas from storytellers experienced in working with the 15+ age group.  PASS IT ON is edited by Amy Douglas and Graham Langley, and was produced with support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.