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YSOY 2010 - sponsors

Patrons: Hugh Lupton and Jan Blake
Media Sponsors: Radio Wildfire and Stories from the Web               

Traditional Arts Foundation and the Traditional Arts Team
Arts Council England, through the Grants for the Arts programme
Birmingham City Council - grant for Young Tongues projects in Birmingham
Festival at the Edge - performance slots for all winners 
Whitby Folk Week - performance slots for the overall winner and runner-up
West Midlands Folk Federation - cash prizes for under-18 winners
Society for Storytelling - free membership for winners, free directory entry for the overall winner 
Facts and Fiction - prize of one year's free subscription
Musicians Insurance Services - prize of one year's public liability insurance 
Compagnia di Storytelling Raccontamiunastoria

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Individuals and story clubs who are contributing to YSOY 2010: 
Rhymes and Tells at the Six Bells
Cambridge Storytellers
Leicester Storytelling Guild
Marion Leeper
Guesthouse Storytellers, Newhaven
Sharon Jacksties
Fire Springs
The Story Forge, Sheffield 
Scarthin Arts 
Marion Oughton 
Bristol Story Circle 
Wendy & Michael Dacre
Word of Mouth, Manchester
Hugh Lupton 
Jamie Crawford
Kathleen van der Weerd
Inez Aponte
Ed Fisher
Marion McCartney 
Young Storyteller of Wales / Storiwr Ifanc Cymru
Mike O'Connor
Roisin Murray