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YSOY 2011 Winners

Throughout the day young storytellers from across the country told stories in front of an enthusiastic audience at Birmingham Library Theatre.  Amongst the audience were two people listening with great attention - they were the judges Nell Phoenix and Tim Ralphs. No one envied them their task but in the end they made their choices.  There was also a People's Prize awarded by the audience and a special prize awarded by the competition Director, Graham Langley.

  Polly Tisdall
  Young Storyteller of the Year 2011
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David GibbThe City of Birmingham had every right to be proud with the award of Young Storyteller of the Year going to Polly Tisdall who lives there.  The standards were so high that the judges split the highly commended awards between David Gibb (left) from Belper in Derbyshire and Sebastian Bechinger-English (right) from Falmouth. All of these awards are in the 18-25 category.

Jake Evans
The winner of Young Storyteller 15-18 went to Jake Evans from Wem, taking back the title he won in 2009.  In this age group there is also an award for the best group which went to Joe White and Jen Ward aka Short Stories and Tall Tales.

Hayley Phillips    Maria Shorthouse   
Thanks to a gift from an anonymous storyteller we were again able to offer a People's Prize chosen by the audience themselves. It went to another Birmingham girl, 15-year old Hayley Phillips.  Another 15 year old Brummie caught the attention of the team advising the Director Graham Langley. His prize went to Maria Shorthouse and was shared with Charlie Goodair from Surrey.

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With many thanks to Elly Lucas for her splendid photography